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Pricing Guns & Price Gun Labels

Pricing guns can be used in a range of different working environments including both retail and manufacturing sectors among many others.

There are many different types of pricing guns with some that can print 1, 2 or 3 lines of text while others will print a date or a range of alphanumeric or numeric characters.


Motex 2612/6 1 Line Pricing Gun.


Monarch 1110 1 Line Pricing Gun.


Puma PJ16 2 Line Pricing Gun.


Lynx 2 Line Alpha Numeric Pricing Gun.


Monarch 1153 3 Line Beef Coding Gun.


Motex 2612 1 Line Date Coding Gun.



Price gun labels vary in size with the 3 most common sizes being 26mm x 12mm (CT4),  26mm x 16mm (CT7) and the 22mm x 12mm (CT1).



CT4 Label

 (CT4 26mm x 12mm)



CT7 Label

 (CT7 26mm x 16mm)




(CT1 22mm x 12mm) 


There are also other sizes for price gun makes such as Motex, Sato, Nor, Puma & Lynx .

For more information about our pricing guns please call us on 01482 606800 or email us at

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